Some of the best gifts that we can give and receive are those gifts which are freely given and received out of love, given and received unconditionally. Which is what God did when he sent his son Jesus to be with us, God sent his Son so that all may come to know and love him as he loves us. Fair trade products in the church- As Christians we are called to love God and to Love our neighbour, loving our neighbour is more than loving the person who lives next door to us. Many years ago people used to rely on their neighbours to provide goods and services. Most villages had their own shops and blacksmiths alongside other tradespeople. But in today’s world where our produce of food and other goods can come from many parts of the world, through trade and therefore other countries and people have become our neighbour. This means that when we are called to love our neighbour we are called to love the person who not only sold us a packet of tea but also those who transported the tea, the person who processed the tea and the person who grew the tea. One way of loving our neighbours in this instance is by ensuring the tea that we buy has been ethically sourced. As a fair trade Church we have signed up that where ever possible to use and encourage the use of Fair Trade products in our church and in our homes. When we do this we are sharing Gods love with our neighbours around the world, using fair trade products can be seen as a sign of God’s presence in the world today. Graham Miles