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The Christmas Bazaar - 19th November
The weather was kinder than in the summer, and many people came, to find gifts, win prizes and generally have a look for a bargain. A good time was again had by all.
Shoebox Workshop

On 11th October a small group of ten of us got together and filled fifty shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.
The generosity of church members in giving things to go in the boxes and paying for the transport costs was very much appreciated. Thank you to everyone who contributed, you were marvellous!
The Nativity play - 18th December
WIth only three children available, we had to recruit the grown-ups to be kings, shepherdesses, King Herod and his priest and the innkeeper's wife (not enough men!). It was fun, and all the participants enjoyed it. We hope the congregation did too!
Stonehouse Live held a Neon Party on 30th October, for children aged about 8 - 14. More information on